The most essential – My Mum!

“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.” —Elder M. Russell Ballard

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood – maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.  Nothing should stop us for appreciating our mum who has never stop caring and taking care of the family. Look no further as we compiled a few gift ideas for Mother’s Day and you’re guaranteed a Son/daughter of The Year award!

For the busy mom-on-the-go, get this memory keeper which offers a quick and easy way to capture the everyday moments of motherhood. With enough space to record a single thought, a family quote, or a special event each day for five years, this beautiful keepsake makes sure those precious memories will last a lifetime. Alternatively, express your appreciation for your mum undying abundance of affection by giving her this ‘Mum Scrabble Tiles Frame’ together with your favourite family photo. Get these gifts from KLOSH (#03-06/07) or visit for more gift ideas.



For the foodie mums, treat her to a delightful and heart-warming meal at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert/Pau (#B1-47) this Mother’s Day. Featuring the Signature HK Wanton Noodle that is made with premium ingredients imported from Hong Kong. Served with succulent wantons made using premium Kurobuta pork and fresh prawns and Hong Kong imported springy egg noodles in a mouth-watering secret recipe Jinhua ham soup, it’s a delectable dish that will leave you wanting more.

If your mum prefers rice dish, Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy Rice is a must-try! A delicacy with succulent braised pork belly slices that has the right fat to meat ratio, paired with preserved vegetables and HK Caixin and topped with savoury sauce that makes it an all-time favourite among the young and old. For appetizer, get HK dim sum and snacks like the all-time favourite HK Honey Char Siew Pau, HK Carrot Cake and Pan-Fried Guo Tie.

After a good meal, end it on a sweet note with their Signature SK Mango Pomelo Sago – a refreshing dessert that comes with fresh ingredients like crunchy mango cubes, pomelo slices, big sago and served with mango puree.



Raising a child is no walk in the park, but that’s no reason why mums should neglect their skin. This Mothers’ Day, get your mum back on track with her skincare regime by getting her one of these nourishing skincare products from THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection (#01-17)! Made with 12 premium Korean traditional herbs, nourish her skin from within with YEHWADAM range of products. Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating cream improves the skin’s texture and its natural resilience to create a more radiant look. In addition, it is fast absorbing and has a refreshing scent of ginseng leaves and flowers.

Another option is Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance cream which is a premium anti-aging line with nutrients enriched, extremely smooth formula that delivers a vital glow on the skin. It delivers nature’s energy to the skin and helps to revitalize complexion by strengthening self-generating ability to balance the skin. The soft, ultra-moisturizing and anti-aging cream gently melts into skin to create a clear and glowing complexion.



What’s a better way to let your mom know how appreciated she is? With this smashing and iconic Mrs. Incredible arrangement that combines both beauty, grace, and power! This arrangement features 6 stalks of red roses, pink carnation spray, eucalyptus pavifolia and ruscus.

If she prefers everlasting beauty, consider this Little Mermaid everlasting roses arrangement would be perfect for her. Decorate her dressing table and it will remind her that she is perfect! This arrangement features 6 stalks of red roses, pink carnation spray, eucalyptus pavifolia and ruscus.

Alternatively, if you have a classic mum who is always there to ensure that home is the comfiest place. Get this “No place like home” where mom is always watching out for you, and showing you all that love and care! This Mother’s Day, tell mom you love her too with this beautiful carnation arrangement that features shocking pink carnation, misty blue and ruscus. Pre-arrange this special gift at (#02-19) or through the following link:



Sometime mums aren’t looking for something flashy or expensive, they simply want to feel appreciated for all their effort and hard work raising you. Buy a rosy pink marble ice cream cake that combines the deep rich maple flavor with crunchy toasted walnuts for a memorable Mother’s Day treat. Topped off with sweet French macarons (Raspberry & Vanilla) filled pâtes de fruits and balanced by tart fresh raspberries, it is a show-stopping edible gift to honour the most important woman in your life.

Another choice you have is the timeless Rose, a universal language representing ‘I Love You’, best given to the perfect Mother. With the all-time favorite flavor, Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream is set to fill the hearts of your family with joy! Shoppers is able to purchase directly at Swensen’s (#B1-16), through the following delivery platforms (Grabfood, Deliveroo & Foodpanda) or their online store - (solely for self-collection only).











Whether you are a working mum or a stay home mum, all mothers are special and perfect in each child’s eyes. To them, you are just perfect in your own ways.  To add on to the perfect gift that you have chosen for mummy, Compass One is adding on to this treat. Simply spend $150 and above, you get to redeem both a $5 Compass One vouchers and an exclusive Thermal Flask! Terms & conditions apply. Definitely a thoughtful gift, or even two, that will put a smile across the face 😊