Teacher cannot teach anybody anything; they can only make the student think.

Teacher’s Day is around the corner. We totally understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect Teacher’s Day gift in Singapore (Teachers’ Day falls on Friday, 2 September). So read on as we share our top 5 shops where you could get gifts that are practical, meaningful and also affordable for your child to put a smile on their teacher’s face this Teacher’s Day.

Keep calm and present your teacher with scented candle or therapeutic decorative items from AU BY AKEMI UCHI (#02-10)! This is one of the best Teachers’ Day gift ideas in Singapore to restore relaxation and calm into their day. These are the perfect gift for when you don’t really know your teacher’s preferences but want to gift something that can soothe the senses, boost moods and help with destressing! Considering AU Smoked Wood scented Candle which follow the roaring echoes of a deeper forest, enveloped in the smoky notes of woods that stir up the exhibiting energy. Alternatively, and therapeutic to modern / contemporary decorative items such as AU Oletta that elevated atmosphere, with the modern aesthetic or AU Dracaena which is brown vase with decorative green Dracaena leaves, for indoor and outdoor aesthetic.

A good teacher nourishes our little one’s soul, so what better gift than delicious cookies that will nourish your teacher’s hearts and tummies?  Even better if they are delicious and crunchy cookies from Famous Amos (#B1-19). Show your heartfelt appreciation for your own classroom superhero with Famous Amos cookies packed in the adorable and surprising gift boxes from $6.00 each. Click this link for more information: https://www.famous-amos.com.sg/collections/teachers-day.

If you are looking for interesting customised gifts, check out KLOSH (#03-06/07) which offers gifts that are both friendly to your pocket and beautiful as well.  Flower is such a classic gift with a timeless appeal. Consider getting a Preserved Flower on Easel Canvas Board handcrafted in-store, and this beautiful creation is only available in Compass One outlet. Do note that there will be a 3 days lead time for your favourite female teacher’s name to be painted on the canvas.

For a guy teacher, you can consider getting a Desk Plaque available in various text. For Teacher’s Day, you can pick ‘World’s Greatest Teacher’ desk plaque where you can show your appreciation to the inspiring teacher in your life. Alternatively, you can thank them for their hard work by giving your teacher some well-deserved quiet time with this fun hanging door sign – Busy Teacher at Work.

Who does not love bubble tea? With a wide range of flavours, you’ll definitely find something suitable for your teachers at LiHO TEA (#B1-43). If your favourite teacher is a bubble tea lover or healthy freak, you can’t go wrong with LiHO fruit tea or avocado series! Alternatively, get a cheesy drink that melt their heart as CheezHO has the taste of light cheesecake but fluffier and creamier with tea enhances the slight savoury notes when consumed. Give your teacher a sugar rush and let them go wild on their special day!

It is not cheesy at all when you will like to show your appreciation to your favourite teacher, especially when the year has been a piece of CAKE having them as your teacher. TheJellyHearts (#B1-49) offers a variety of jelly cheesecakes and sweet treats where each creation is handmade daily using fresh ingredients and it is Halal-Certified. You can purchase their sweet treats in a gift box and it can last up to 2 days if stored properly in the refrigerator. If you are keen to get cookies bottle, do purchase it before 31 August 2022 where you get to enjoy $20 OFF 6 Standard Cookies Bottles or Buy 5 Fun Size Cookies Bottle and get 1 FREE.