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Compass One would like to wish all our shoppers:


Wishing much joy to you in the up- coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through.

Chinese New Year is a bright, colourful holiday with all manner of decoration and not forgetting, goodies. In 2020, Chinese New Year (CNY) falls on 25th January, and we are excited to celebrate one of the most important celebrations here at Compass One. There are a few must-haves when it comes to Chinese New Year festival which you should get. 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, home accessories are used to decorate the house to make it come alive with the colour and atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Good wishes are usually posted in pairs (i.e. couplets), as even numbers are associated with good luck and auspiciousness in Chinese culture. Red lanterns are most popular decoration for Chinese New Year. This Chinese New Year fair, red lanterns, door couplets, and many more are available at the booth till 23 January 2020.

During Chinese New Year, traditional snacks are absolutely inevitable and Bakkwa is one of the snacks that is worth the calories. Bee Cheng Hiang (#B1-26) Sliced Pork Bakkwa which boasts the highest quality of barbecued meat hand-weaved using a traditional bamboo sieve, grilled over live coal to a smoky caramelization that seals the moisture in the succulent meat. It is richly flavoured by their special marinade with no added preservatives, no added meat tenderizer, artificial colouring, flavouring & MSG. Bee Cheng Hiang Bakkwa is so addictive that it leaves a lingering savouriness on your palate and a craving for more in your mind.

Want to have a taste in everything cookies available? Tart Blanc offers cookies in smaller bottles at $7.50. Try from their signature Orange and Thym cookies to their Earl grey Blossom cookies. Get to enjoy tea by pairing it with their premium Earl Grey and Orange Blossom infused butter cookies. The cookie tin comes with an exquisite design. Every single cookie tasted is made with passion and dedication.


Tai Chong Kok is well-known for traditional Nian Gao (Chinese New Year’s cake); Nian Gao are prepared by using 100% pure glutinous rice and go through a 12-hour steaming process in banana leaves laddered containers with no artificial coloring added.

Specially flown and grown in Taiwan. With all the feasting going on, a cup of tea will always be good to balance it out. The Enzyme Lemon is hand made by exposing to the sun for 45 to 59 days. Most importantly, it is said to help reduce body fat accumulation. That’s just what we need after all the indulgence! One of the other popular choice is the Botanical ruby – roselle Taiwan. It helps to lower blood pressure, anti- aging and beauty, not forgetting, reducing weight. Now we can happily indulge in more goodies!

So, come on down to Level 2 Atrium to find out more about the goodies that are available at the fair, which is happening from 6th – 23rd January 2020. Wait no more and lets dive in to these great deals!


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