Spending Family Time in Compass One on the Weekends

After a long hectic week, it is essential for one to have a short break to get yourself recharged and composed for the following week ahead. What’s better than spending a day of quality time with friends and families at Compass one?

Begin your morning by having an all-time favourite Classic Butter Kaya Toast Set at Ya Kun Family Café (#01-37) and savour Singapore’s most beloved breakfast set which consist of a rich Traditional Kaya Toast with Half Boiled Eggs on the side.

After having a scrumptious breakfast to start your day right, head over to the Ninja Trial located at the 4th level of the mall with your kids to enjoy the trail which features a total of 17 play amenities promising to engage and create a memorable experience for both you and your kids! As for families with a toddler, you could head down to BabySPA (#02-34A) and sign them up for a water training programme designed to help stimulating their physical, mental and sensory pathways growth!

While waiting and entrusting your kids to experienced and professional caretakers, why not give yourself some pampering too? Indulge yourself in the plethora of award winning facial and hair treatments Estetica (#03-19/20) has to offer with exclusive promotions and deals! You’ll definitely find a package that is sure to accommodate your expenses and needs!

Whenever you feel famished and would like to have a quick bite, you can do so at Maki-San (#01-45) savouring your uniquely designed sushi roll by choosing your preferred ingredients ranging from crunchy Tempura Prawns to tangy Chicken Rendang!

Whenever you’re ready for an appetising dinner, head over to Paradise Hotpot (#03-05) that offers each diner an exclusive individual hotpot with their desired broth presented in a luxurious gold metal pot. Be spoilt for choice with an array of delicious soup base selections and wide variety of fresh ingredients from homemade paste to premium selection or imported meat.

To end of the astonishing day of fun filled adventures, do some shopping at our various established retail outlets such as Giordano (#01-30) and Cotton On (#01-12) and perhaps even buy an appreciation gift for your friends and families at one of the various jewelers, SK Jewellery (#01-42) and Goldheart (#01-43).
Before heading back home, remember to conduct your weekly grocery shopping at Cold Storage (#B1-25) and stock up on the freshest produce and nutritious goodies to keep geared up for the week.

Compass One has always been about being a family-oriented heartland mall that brings you and your family together for a memorable experience. Let us be a part of the fond memories and kinship!