Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. – Howard Zinn

Earth Day falls on 22th April every year and it’s recognised as the largest observance in the world, marked by more than a billion people annually as a day to call for action towards a greener future. While it may be difficult to know just how much our actions can make an impact in sustainability, no action is too small to contribute to positive climate change. As individuals, we have the choice to make decisions that will positively or negatively affect our planet. What each of us does and how we do it, has a huge ripple effect on our ecosystems. It’s great to know that most of us are already taking steps towards a greener tomorrow.

We have the power to lobby for and support businesses that take active steps to protect our environment through their practices and climate-friendly investments. For all of us – today and for our future – let’s Invest In Our Planet!

Sustainable fashion has been a hot topic in recent years. Check out Bossini (#01-33) REPREVE denim collection, which is largely made of content from recycled plastic bottles through a verified sustainable process. REPREVE fibre goes through a conversion process where the bottles are melted down to round chips and extracted through a machine to create thin fibre yarns which is then used to make the fabric. It is sustainable and helps to re-purpose plastic bottles by giving them another life.

With a wide range of styles available for everyone, all fits are not only made better (for the planet), these denim bottoms are also soft, stretchy and embedded with a cooling effect. Simply look out for the green hanger tags to identify REPREVE denim in-store.

To play a part in reducing environmental impact, Skechers (#01-48) puts sustainable packaging as their top priority. 100% of their packaging materials are printed with soy/water-based ink and 100% of their shipping cartons, foot forms and tissue paper packaging are recyclable.

Enjoy effortless easy-wearing comfort and sporty style combine in Skechers’ latest Ultra Flex 3.0. Crafted with 100% vegan materials, the Stretch Fit® slip-on design features an engineered knit upper with decorative laces and cushioned Air-Cooled Memory Foam® insole. Retailing at $119 in-store now.

1 out of 10 Singaporeans wears contact lenses. Despite its aesthetic purpose and convenience, it inadvertently contributes to contact lens packaging waste. 908,600 tonnes of plastic waste was disposed in Singapore and contact lens packaging is huge a contributor to this. Contact lens packaging that is not disposed of properly may end up in the environment, break down into micro-plastics and enter our ecosystem.

Do your part for the environment by recycling your contact lens blisters and foil lids at Capitol Optical’s Eye For Earth Recycling Programme, a partnership with National Environment Agency®, Sembcorp® and CHP Law Llc®. Simply pick up a recycle bag from Capitol Optical (#02-25) for easy packing of up to 60 blisters and 60 foil lids, and drop off the bag at the Eye For Earth recycling bin located at the Sustainability Corner located at Level 1 (opposite Giordano).

Thinking about the environment, is second nature to Yves Rocher (#01-22). All Yves Rocher products are developed using an eco-design approach with recyclable and recycled packaging, thus reducing environmental footprint. The Eco-Concentrated Shower Gel is 4 times more concentrated than regular shower gel, thanks to its unique patented biodegradable formula, which allows a small amount of gel to spread easily while also foaming up generously. It contains more than 97% of ingredients from natural origin and is also preservative and paraben free. The bottles are compact, travel-friendly and, most importantly, spill-proof. Each Eco-Concentrated Shower Gel bottle uses 2 times less plastic in its production but can offer the equivalent of 40 showers.

For the month of April, enjoy 30% off all Green Hero products in celebration of Earth Day! Perfect time to stock up on the super eco-friendly range of Eco-Concentrated Shower Gels, Eco-Concentrated Shampoos and Solid Shampoos. And for every Green Hero product purchased, the Yves Rocher Foundation plants a tree! Did you know that the Yves Rocher Foundation has already planted more than 100 million trees all over the world? Because every beauty step can make a difference.

What’s the one brand that comes to mind when you think about frozen yogurt? Definitely llaollao (#01-46A). Frozen yogurt is natural and it is one of the healthiest foods, thanks to its gut-friendly properties and high nutritional value. llaollao’s preparation using skimmed milk and its combination with quality toppings – from real fresh fruits that are not canned or frozen, to fun crunchy toppings and delicious sauces – makes it an even more delicious and healthier treat. You are the inventor of your own frozen yogurt creations, thanks to the infinite combination of toppings.

 llaollao cares about the environment too. The iconic green teardrop-shaped spoons are made from bio-degradable PLA, a compostable material that is more respectful of the environment in its composition and its repercussion.