Polar brings you their New Spring menu, Elderflower Lychee Cake, and Elderflower Lychee Tart. Their elderflower flavoured bake is as delicate as a flower petal with a hint of citrusy lemon to balance out the taste.

Not forgetting their signature handmade Lychee Raspberry Rose Oblong Cake. The rose-scented floral cake is suffused in layers of handmade Lychee Raspberry Rose mousse, refreshing lychee, raspberry jellies, and jelly pearls.
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Elderflower Lychee Tart: $7.70 | $14 for 2
Elderflower Lychee Cake: $34.90
Lychee Raspberry Rose Oblong Cake: $18.90
Polaris Members Privilege: 10% off*
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