Introducing lunch and dinner bento set at an affordable price from Old Chang Kee!

For lunch daily between 1130am-130pm, Old Chang Kee #01-27 will be offering the Nasi Lemak Bento Meal @ $5 plus 1 FREE puff (choice of Curry’O, Chicken Mushroom’O or Sardine’O). The Nasi Lemak bento comes with 1 chicken wing, sambal long beans, ikan bilis, egg, cucumber, peanut and sambal chili.
For dinner daily between 5-7pm, it will be the Super Drum Hainanese Chicken Rice Bento meal @ $6.50 plus 1 FREE puff. Each bento comes with Hainanese fragrant rice, 1 Super Drum, Achar and Hainanese Chilli.
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