New Year, New You

“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” – Jenn Proske

Beauty is truly only skin deep, and at the end of the day, it’s pretty meaningless if we don’t foster the more lasting parts of our identity like kindness and intelligence. However, we must also look our best to feel the best. Especially with mega parties and celebrations going around and there is definitely something for everyone to spend the new year counting down.

A chic yet comfortable outfit to wear for a New Year’s Eve party, is what you should look for. You’re sure to draw attention when you enter the room with YISHION (#01-50)’s latest collection of stylish sweaters, trendy tops and versatile bottoms. Want more options? Talk to the staff so that they can recommend apparel that suits your body type.

When you already make the decision about your New Year outfit, it is time to give that eye the extra blink.  Dreamlash (#04-24) is a premium Korean eyelash studio that focuses on creating the perfect lash design for each individual. Choose their Magic Volume Lashes which gives you long, voluminous and fluttery lashes that don’t weigh down your eyelids, yet appearing natural as usual.

If you think you rock that outfit, we suggest you pair it up with a piece of accessories to give that special touch or sparkle. When it comes to simple dresses, it is the piece of jewelry that completes the look. Goldheart (#01-43) makes it possible with their latest collection – K-Style. The new Rose K-Style designs conjure the impression of snowflakes which sparkle with gentle intensity that seem to capture the magic of the festive season.  Check out their asymmetrical earrings to add a playful touch!

Don’t think you want to hang out partying? Gather a few friends and hang out for a sumptuous hotpot at our newly open Shi Li Fang (#02-37). Taiwanese hotpot restaurant Shi Li Fang is one of the wallet-friendly hotpot restaurants. They serve soup which includes specialty Mala soup, Tonic Chicken soup, Beauty Collagen Chicken, Nourishing Fish, Ravishing tomato soup and many more. So many to choose from that luckily, they have a pot that allow you to choose up to 3 soups! Their tomato base soup has light tanginess and sweetness in the broth that becomes much flavorful after meat is added in.

Want to couch at home instead? That doesn’t mean that we should eat cup noodles. Maki-San (#01-45) welcome this New Year with MakiParti Platter. Get to select a seaweed, crepe or soy wrapper, choose your favourite fillings with delicious toppings and sauce to create your very own masterpiece. Count down this new year and enjoy a revolutionary sushi experience like no other!