Remember to take time to pamper and appreciate yourself because you have been tough!

“Life is tough, my darling, but so are you” –Stephanie Bennett-Henry

When it comes to gifting the important women in your life, the best gifts are those truly thoughtful presents than a shiny object. From comfy home additions to pampering treats and foodie finds that are sweet to heart, we corralled some of these thoughtful gifts for women—no matter whom you’re shopping for or what your budget is. While scrolling, you might even stumble across a few great ideas for yourself too.


Who could say no to a gift meant to be enjoyed at home? When it comes to a beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. In addition, working from home takes a toll on our bodies, our beds shouldn’t add to the stress. Featuring Sea Horse Mattress that held the highest market share in Hong Kong for 33 consecutive years. The latex-like Sea Horse Mattress features a hard side that supports the back and a soft side for side-sleepers. Their premium offering is the All Foam Mattress, made with high-density foam and premium latex-like foam – a luxurious mix that is supportive as well as cooling. Pair it with an ergonomic Sea Pillow that follows the shape of your neck for a restful sleep. Check out their latest promotion for a pillow, bolster, and mattress in-store at Seahorse (#04 – 17).

Round up your gal pals for a power-luncheon to mark progress towards a better, more equal, world. Head down to Paradise Hotpot which offers an exclusive individual hotpot with your desired broth presented in a luxurious gold metal pot. Be spoilt for choice with an array of delicious soup base selections and a wide variety of fresh ingredients from homemade paste to a premium selection of imported meat. Check out this extended lunchtime promotion where you can simply enjoy more at a good price! You can get 30% off before 2.30pm, 40% off between 2.31pm – 4.15pm, for all food ingredients when you dine at Paradise Hotpot (#03-05)!

Being healthy is important for you and your loved ones and many times women tend to put this aside when they are busy taking care of others. When you are healthier, it does not only help to lower the risk of breast cancer, it also improves the metabolic rate that gives you the energy boost you needed. Sometimes, regular exercise may not be able to break down those stubborn fats and if you do it wrongly, it may crash the body’s metabolism and enter into starvation mode to preserve nutrients. Ultimately, the body may lose proportionately more lean mass and water than fat. On the other hand, diets that only induce dehydration are not sustainable and will cause weight rebounds with little fat loss results.  To regain your silhouette without dieting, pills, and injections, consider approaching BodyPerfect (#03- 02) who has been the expert in weight management since 2006. Combining Science, Tradition, and Technology, this proven multi-faceted approach is effective with results that last. With their treatment promise to gain lean mass, lose fat and improve body hydration, you will be in good hands!

Introducing bubble tea from CHICHA San Chen (吃茶三千) (#B1-10) that makes high-quality freshly brewed teas such as Green Tea and Cassia Black Tea that hold a prestigious Highest International Authority ITI certification for quality.

As long as you don’t overdose, a few daily cups of caffeinated beverages do not cause dehydration and in fact, caffeine, a stimulant, helps you feel less tired and more awake. Bubble tea can also give you a temporary energizing sugar rush to help you defeat that 4pm slump. More significantly, all teas have antioxidants that can “help boost your metabolism, melt belly fat, fight off diseases, and even reduce your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.”

A simple treat to the women in your life, certainly will not burn your wallet!


If you’re looking to treat someone to a facial using seriously luxe skincare or someone who frowns a lot, this is your ticket to their happiness. AsterSpring (#03-32) is able to offer their customers’ best skin health with their highly trained professionally certified skincare therapists and world-leading skincare and wellness products incorporating cutting-edge technology. For first timer, you get to enjoy their signature facial treatment up to $320 at only $79, and you will take home 3 Dermalogica travel sizes. This March, they are also offering Dermalogica promotion where you can get more for a cheaper price. The promotion does not valid with other promotions or discount and it excludes Biolumin-C Gel Moisturizer, Daily Glycolic Cleanser.