Happy 55th birthday, Singapore!

Celebrate Singapore’s birthday with Compass One

“Fighting SARS from mid-March to [the] end of May, we were united as one people to protect the health and safety of everyone. This experience bonded us as one people regardless of race, language or religion. So, I have renewed confidence that we have the unity and strength to overcome our difficulties.” ― Lee Kuan Yew

This year is a significant year for Singapore as we are not only celebrating the 55th year of independence of our country. This year’s National Day is very special as Singaporeans are allowed to celebrate in their homes, instead of at a parade square. This year’s features the theme Together, A Stronger Singapore.

Compass One would like to highlight some attractive deals that you would not want to miss during this National Day while we can celebrate at home with our family and soak in the atmosphere.

Puff pastries are of the favourite go-to snack for Singaporeans and with Singapore’s 55th Birthday around the corner, halal-certified local home-grown brand, Tip Top Curry Puff (#B1-45) pays homage to our beloved nation with a Fireworks Black Pepper Set at $5.50 from 1 August till 6 September 2020.

The set consists of a Black Pepper Sausage Puff and Black Pepper Sardine Puff, a twist to local favourite Sardine Puff filled generously with Tip Top’s popular Sardine, onions and crushed peppercorns. One can expect each bite to be filled with a sharp burst of aroma and flavour, along with a ‘kick’ we are all familiar with. The Black Pepper Sardine Puff also comes adorned with crushed black peppercorns incorporated into its puff skin, ensuring a peppery ‘firework’ in the mouth. You also get a choice of 2 drinks in every set. This gives us more reasons to catch up with family members before the parade with some snacks!

Remember your favourite Chicken floss that you love in your porridge and buns? KFC (#B1-15) now top it by creating a new item with their signature fried chicken. Yes, you guess it right! It’s chicken floss on fried chicken!

As they celebrate Singapore’s 55th birthday, they celebrate everything that makes us Singaporean. The new KFC Flossy Crunch Chicken is a combination of their crispy fried chicken, coated in fragrant curry and local spices, topped with a special spicy-sweet chicken floss. So, it is not your regular chicken floss! It is infused with spicy dried shrimp, the fluffy chicken floss gets a flavour boost, adding a sweet and fiery kick as it melts in your mouth.  What’s more? They are dishing the all-time favourite cheese fries at only $1.95! A whopping 54% savings!

Many see the endearing traits of the samsui women as a great representation of the Singapore story and their efforts have been recognized in numerous national and artistic interpretations over the years. At the Soup Restaurant (#03-12), this unique heritage cuisine has been preserved for you. A popular dish, and our favourite, like Samsui Ginger Chicken which is steamed without much seasoning, and dipped into ginger sauce before wrapping it with fresh lettuce. The ginger sauce elevated the fragrance and a tasty compliment to the chicken. The ginger is mixed with sesame oil that helps to remove excess wind from the body.  Now till 31st August, get to scoop away a small Samsui Ginger Chicken with a Traditional Boiled Soup of the Day (M) at only $29! This promotion is valid for both dine-in and take away. So, you don’t need to worry not being able to reserve a table! Other terms & conditions apply. For more information, please refer to: http://www.souprestaurant.com.sg/.

After dinner, celebrate National Day by wearing red and white to show off your patriotic spirit in the streets. Bossini (#01-33) has launched the SG55 range of red-and-white outfits for adults and kids. The collection includes matching family sets, father-son polo shirts and more simple pieces that can well last you through the year such as for women. Style these red-and-white tops with their REPREVE Cool denim made from recycled plastics or comfy white bottoms. Enjoy 50% off for from now, while stocks last!

During this National Day, it is always nice to embrace and end the day on a sweet note. ‘Start your day with coffee, end your day with donuts.’ – Unknown. The highlight for National Day celebration is from Polar Puff & Cakes (#01-26), as they roll our the ever popular Ondeh Ondeh Roll along side with Chunky Peanut Roll and toasty warm Chicken Floss roll only at $5.50 for all 3. Ondeh Ondeh is a traditional kueh which are cake balls filled with liquid palm sugar and coated in grated coconut. Polar Puff has outdone itself with an East-meets-West style of cake, made with their specially concocted gula melaka with grated coconut filling, hand rolled in freshly baked pandan sponge.

For more National day promotion deals, click here to know more. Enjoy the long weekend with these attractive deals while we reflect on the growth of our little red dot country and pay homage to our forefathers who made sacrifices that enable this country, Singapore, to become a place we proudly call home. And, Together, A Stronger Singapore.

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