Trick or Treats with Compass One!

“A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.”— Lucy Van Pelt, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

We may hold many roles to survive in this day-to-day life however on Halloween, it can be special as that is when we can choose to be anything even if is an evil witch or a sexy vampire. Let us doll up and put up some crazy ideas to party. To celebrate all things spooky, we’ve concocted a collection of Halloween items that will have you howling with delight.

First up in the list is to decorate your house with creepy and scary items such as hairy giant spider, glow in the dark skeleton and pumpkins with ghoulish faces!! Next up is to dress up into scary character to complete the spooky effect. These decoration items can play an important part when it is placed in the right place. Get these items and interesting Halloween costumes available at V-Force Party & Novelties (#03-30).

Halloween is the perfect time to pick up some spooky reads from the library! Here are some titles available at Sengkang Public Library, (#03-28 & #04-19) that’ll scare you and the kids. The Monster in the Letterbox (Michal Dahl’s Really Scary Stories) is a children’s fiction book that follows the story of Dory and her pet monster – it lives in the mailbox. One day, the excited young girl decides to show off her pet to the mailman but it’s nowhere to be found. Was the monster a figment of Dory’s imagination? Find out what happens Dory, the mailman and others in this collection of creepy tales. Our next pick is filled with magic, mystery and adventure! Written by Helena Dahlgren Soul Riders: The Legend Awakens tell the heroic tale of four friends chosen by destiny to save the world from an ancient demon.

If you liked these spooky recommendations then you’d surely enjoy Rooktober Fest – NLB’s online Halloween event! Specially designed for children, expect giveaways, a digital escape room, Halloween trivia and more from now till November. Visit for more information.

On Halloween, it was believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world and people thought that they would encounter ghosts if they leave their homes. To avoid being recognized by these ghosts, one should wear masks when they leave their homes after dark so that the ghosts would mistake them as fellow spirits. In Singapore, Halloween is more of a reason to have a little fun time with friends.  A simple scary head mask, or a set of vampire teeth is more than sufficient and these are available at SKP (#04-20/21/22).

Krispy Kreme (#01-46) is making spooky sweeter, where guests can safely treat themselves to a sweet treat instead of getting trick. There are 3 spooky designs available – Bloodshot, Stitchy and Snorty. Bloodshot doughnut has strawberry filling, dipped in icing, decorated with strawberry jam that makes it look bloody and perfecting it with a sugary eye that pieced through one’s skin. Stitchy is filled with chocolate kreme, dipped in dark green icing, decorated just like a classic monster. Don’t be shocked cause Frankie is just as sweet. A ring doughnut dipped in icing and yellow splats, pumped with lemon curd filling – that’s just Snorty! Get these Halloween doughnuts priced at $3.30 each.

This year Chateraise (#03-39/40/41) has come out a series of Halloween themed items which are spooky but unexpectedly cute too. Halloween Jack-o-Lantern consists of caramel sauce and anno sweet potato custard cream layered on an almond tart base topped with pumpkin cream and pumpkin ghost motifs. This fun cake will make you smile and it’s just too cute to eat!

Have a party at home? They have a Halloween Party Whole Cake (14cm) with moist baked sponge cake sandwiching whipped cream with candied pumpkin, with lots of pumpkin cream. The cute–looking ghost is made from whipped cream, surrounded by jack o’ lanterns and other characters. Pop one mouth in and you will find a slightly sweet pumpkin taste lingering.

For more information about the availability of these Halloween limited collection cakes, do visit Chateraise (#03-39/40/41) at level 3!



Have a safe and spooky Halloween!