Gain by Giving Love

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.” – Katharine Hepburn

Give the wonderful gift of Love with a deep meaning. Up the romance on your Valentine’s Day gift this year. No matter who you’re shopping for, Compass One is sure to have the perfect gift to help show you care.

This Valentine’s Day, get your tech-savvy sweetheart a gift from The Digital Gadgets (#03-18A) that will make them swoon, whether they’re next to you on the couch or sending you love from afar. Earbuds are the new favourites when it comes to listening to music outdoors or while you’re on the go somewhere. The EXFIT BCS-T90 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds (priced at $128.10) comes with duo-tone design which is different from competitors, with a semi-shiny dark grey outside and rubber-like plastic on the inside. User can enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime from a single charge! Call quality on the Exfit BCS-T90 is simply outstanding and comes with great clarity as it houses four microphones in total – two for recognizing sounds from your surroundings and two to focus on your voice. Other sounds, such as engines, traffic, and background noise, are heavily reduced or even completely filtered out of the conversation. This will make an amazing gift this year!

Get the ladies a Kate Spade phone case (priced at $119) to give that extra protection for their phones! Known for vibrant, stylish and floral designs, Kate Spade cases certainly make for a personal style statement. Combining luxurious materials with protective layers, these fashionable cases are lightweight with easy-grip design, perfect for adding that extra bit of style to their everyday use.

For most people, the idea of Valentine’s Day revolves around buying gifts, doing romantic gestures, and going out for a candlelight dinner. However, this year, dare to do something different to make your partner feel extra-special! Show off your BBQ skills for your meat-lover partner and make this special day even more memorable! Japan’s famed BBQ restaurant, Yakiniku Like (#04-06) offers smokeless grills so that you can enjoy the dining experience in comfort. They also serve up a complete menu set with meats, rice, seaweed soup, and kimchi (or salad). A Like Set contains a mixture of beef short plate, skirt steak and beef tongue, and is priced at $15.80 (150g) / $21.80 (250g).

Promise rings make great Valentine’s Day gifts because they have more meaning behind a traditional jewellery gift. But what is a promise ring? A promise ring is a ring given to your romantic partner to signify commitment. You could even get a promise ring for a family member or a close friend. As an engagement ring, a promise ring can be exquisite and be adorned with fine gems and even a diamond!

And here’s where you can get one! Introducing the new Poh Heng Promise Ring Collection from Poh Heng (#01-02), from a Princess to a Round Brilliant cut, Heart to Pear-shaped, choose the one that speaks to you most. Set in the finest gold, the halo setting elevates the carat size to impress. Specially launched for Valentine’s Day this year as 2022 represents a unique and everlasting pairing. Just like promises, these are treasures to keep for life.

Gifting flowers for Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it’s always nice. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t delight in receiving a beautiful bouquet. Express your love and loyalty this Valentine’s Day with Loyalty in Love (priced at $266.43) which consists of 24 premium Kenya red roses, million stars and a string of pearls, from (#02-19). This premium bouquet offers tenderness and passion so send this bouquet to the one you love and let them know they’re special! For those who want to give their loved ones a little sweetness and show how much they care in an unconventional way this Valentine’s Day, send them this cup of blooms consisting of 5 stalks of Kenya dark pink roses, 3 stalks of light pink gerbera and more, presented in a Mickey & Minnie mug. Named Perfect Happiness (priced at $96.30), this is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Wishing everyone a happy and sweet Valentine’s Day!

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