Dining at Compass One

Have you ever taken so long to contemplate on what you’ll like to eat that it frustrates your friends and families?

At Compass One, there are over 50 food establishments to choose from! Each catering to your peculiar taste buds ranging from Chinese to Japanese cuisines.

On days where you’re craving for something oriental, why not head down over to the Soup Restaurant (#03-12) and have some authentic chinatown heritage cuisine with specialties like Samsui Ginger Chicken, Hometown Fried Fish Belly, Teochew Olive Rice and even Dim Sums! If traditional chinese specialty isn’t what you fancy, perhaps Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (#02-31) where homespun Hong Kong dishes meets savoury Western Cuisine are served would better suit your palate.

If you’re a devoted Japanese foodie who loves ramen, yakitori, shabu shabu and teppanyaki,then Ichiban Sushi (#01-13) should be on your list. Serving up skillfully hand pressed sushi in a quirky conveyor belt, Ichiban Sushi only uses the freshest ingredients and produce to ensure that each sushi served are of the highest quality standard. However, if you’re looking for something light, Maki-San (#01-45) is definitely the way to go. With the ability to design your own unique sushi roll or salad bowl, you can include all of your favourite ingredients that’s great for sharing!

If you are wondering where to gather for a feast without having to worry if the food is Halal-certified, look no further! With a variety of Halal-certified restaurants such as Ayam Penyet Ria (#01-34) which offers an “authentic taste of Indonesia” featuring their signature Ayam Penyet and My Briyani House (#01-25) which serves up classic prata in an array of eccentric flavours, there are plenty of options available!

At Compass One, you can be sure to discover more and satisfy your food cravings with the abundance of options available!

To view the full available options of food establishments available at Compass One, click here! (Please link this to food stores > food category page