“Shopping is a wonderful stress reliever, so take your loved ones shopping. Shop for experience; Shop for knowledge; Shop for awe; Shop for memories that will last you a lifetime.” – Erwin D. Maramat.

Shopping is a national pastime in Singapore. You may have noticed that Compass One have been welcoming a number of new shops recently. With new shops, that means there are more things to shop for. We are sure that there is something for everyone from the new stores.

Boon Tong Kee (#01-34), started business 40 years ago serving chicken rice. Now, it has grown to be a popular restaurant that serves a large selection of mouth-watering Chinese home-style dishes such as Poached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Eggs, that keeps customers coming back for more. The Poached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Eggs is a bowl of Chinese spinach served in chicken broth, from cooking over 60 whole chicken, topped with chicken egg, century egg and salted egg. Every component of the dish worked well together in harmony. Give it a try when you are at Boon Tong Kee.

Yves Rocher (#01-22) is a French brand that provides high-quality skincare and beauty products for every skin type using natural botanical ingredients while being respectful of the environment. The goal of Yves Rocher was to offer “beauty care that is powerful and draws on the life force of plants, their capacity to regenerate, their vital energy and their secrets to longevity, to intensely benefit your skin and respond to its rejuvenation needs”, meaning no harmful ingredients is added in their products, only necessary preservatives to ensure shelf life of the beauty products. The Peach & Star Anise bath and shower gel will improve your energy levels, it is a combination of fresh fruity scent from the peach extract and the aromatic fragrance from the star anise essential oil. Yves Rocher offers a wide assortment of shower gel scents, each with different benefits.

Joyre TCMedi Spa (#04-10) is an integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern spa and beauty treatments. The treatments provided are personalized based on each individual’s body composition and lifestyle. Their unique TCM Herbal Spa services provides effective detox and wind removal naturally. Combining TCM methods with machines is used for their Anti-Aging Facial Treatment to boost skin radiance and maintain a youthful look. Have a chat with the staffs today to know which treatments will be best for your skin.

TheJellyHearts (#B1-49) sells multi-tiered jelly cheesecake which consists of 4 layers, a biscuit crust base, followed by cream cheese, fresh fruits and a generous layer of jelly on top. The name “Jelly Hearts” was derived from the heart-shaped strawberries that is added to most of the jelly cakes. Their multi-layer rainbow heart cake is made of their digestive biscuit base, rainbow-coloured layers of cream cheese and topped with strawberry jelly and fresh strawberries. The rainbow colour is so pretty that you will take a lot of photos of the layers before indulging it. The perfect balance of sweetness of the cake got us going back for more.

Last but certainly not least, Xing Fu Tang (#B1-10), a well-known Taiwanese bubble tea chain, known for their fresh house-made natural brown sugar pearls. Besides the brown sugar pearls, they also have pink pearls which are made of Pink Cactus powder. Pink cactus is a native Taiwan cactus. The 100% natural pearls are given great attention to details to ensure top quality drinks are served. Try their Signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk and you’ll understand why there is a hype around Xing Fu Tang.