Huat a GOLDEN YEAR with family and loves one on Valentine’s Day!

“恭贺新禧,Compass One祝大家身体健康、事业发达, 快乐幸福永伴你左右”

Upon the arrival of Chinese New Year, Compass One would like to extend best wishes for all with perfect health, lasting prosperity, and may happiness always surround you ever!

This year, Chinese New Year 2021 falls on 12th February 2021 and Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February 2021 which is the 3rd day of CNY. If you are unable to book a slot in restaurants for reunion/romantic dinner due to the significantly reduced seating capacity and limits on dining pax, consider celebrating it in a different way such as giving gifts! Moreover, it is the best time to express respect and affection for friends, loved ones, and seniors in this lovely and auspicious season. We have rounded up some HUAT and charming gifts that we have our eyes on this year.

What’s not to love about getting a wardrobe upgrade over the holidays? Moreover, getting it right shows the giver’s understanding of the person, and the piece could become a go-to item in the recipient’s wardrobe! Check out the latest collection at A’DREY (#02-26) that could simply suits various occasions. You could even get 20% off for all items and even more discounts of up to 50% for selected items.

“Bak Kwa” – Chinese barbecued meat is a must-have item to eat during Chinese New Year. Bee Cheng Hiang (#B1-26) is one of the most popular brands for bakkwa and their bakkwa are made with 100% natural ingredients, without added meat tenderizer, preservatives, artificial flavoring or colouring and MSG.

This year, they are featuring Gourmet Fusion (新式经典) which tasted succulent, chewy, smoky and crispy in all the right places. That’s what happens when they mix pork belly with premium pork hind. Bak kwa is undoubtedly amazing even on its own, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be even better! You could even whip up a Bak Kwa Fusilli Aglio Olio Italian-Chinese fusion dish for a special Valentine’s day dinner!

If you are looking for other CNY snacks other than Bakkwa, consider getting prawn roll king (350g) at the promotion price of $39.10 (U.P. $46) for 2 bottles.

Before Chinese New Year, families start to do spring cleaning throughout the house and not forgetting how much time we spent in our bedroom. It is certainly the best time to swap out a saggy mattress, updating worn-out sheets and bedding, or trying a new pillow to soothe that awful neck pain. Whether that time is spent blissfully slumbering — or tossing and turning — depends a lot on your mattress which is important for our sleep and subsequently, our health.

On the other hand, while a lot of people choose gifts like pendants, perfumes, flowers, and chocolates as Valentine’s Day gifts, you could do something different especially when we spend most of the time at home! Proclaim your love by gifting your beloved a thoughtful gift that could let them sleep peacefully night after night. A good mattress will certainly help in developing trust, empathy, and deepening the bond of your relationship especially on special occasions =P.

Introducing Slumberland (#04-02) is a market leader in premium bedding products where they continue to breakthrough technology and relentless drive for quality products that enable customers to enjoy better, healthier sleep. Check out their promotion at 50% off for VONO SpinePro Active (Intalok Springing System). It is made of sliverguard treated knitted fabric mattress and the price starts from $549 (U.P. $1098) single size. Freebies such as VOND pillow and mattress protector come along with the purchase too.

This is definitely the season for a little holiday indulgence, but it is also the time to care for your loved ones and prepare them a gift that bring health and wellness to the holiday season. What’s more meaningful than the gift of health that is simple yet meaningful. Depends on individual’s activity and needs, there is always a supplement that suits them perfectly.

GNC is the world’s largest chain of health food stores and is committed to producing the highest quality products available. Keep abuzz with energy and vitality this Chinese New Year with LAC Activated zhi™. Their proprietary Cordyceps-Lingzhi Power Cocktail is specially formulated with 6 key ingredients to support the immune system and boost energy levels naturally. In this seasonal period, GNC (#B1-30) is offering LAC Activated zhiTM (60ml x 8 bottles) at Buy 3 for the price of 2.

As Chinese New Year is filled with prosperity and abundance, it is usually marked with grand feasts, brand new clothing, red packets of money, and not forgetting, gold jewellery. Highly symbolic to the occasion, the buying and gifting of gold jewellery is a major tradition. Wearing gold in symbolic shapes is believed to welcome good luck and wealth, and a common practice is to wear a pendant or engraved piece with the brand-new Chinese zodiac.

This year, Maxi-Cash (#01-44) has launched a gold collection for Chinese New Year with the zodiac OX. You can also consider getting a Fortune cat golden coin to HUAT a golden year. Jewelry makes a great gift, especially during Valentine’s day. Whether it’s a luxury necklace or a simple pair of hoops, she could add into her everyday rotation as great jewelry has a place in every wardrobe, and is always a welcomed present.  Get this 10K Diamond Pendant at a promotional price of $38.

This Chinese New Year, join Compass One for a HUAT golden year as we have prepared many more freebies, contests, vouchers, and promotions that make your spending even more worthwhile! Click this link to check out our in-mall campaign at