Christmas Festive Treats & Revelry

“Christmas is a stocking stuffed with sugary goodness.” – Mo Rocca

Christmas can still be fun on our sunny shores, as we ring in the season with lots of rewards and activities, creating another episode of excitement and memories at Compass One!

On 15 November, we light up our Christmas decoration at the atrium, featuring the adorable and engaging dolls. Many shoppers were seen taking photos with these adorable decorations, and kids were having fun changing the images on the dolls’ tummies!

A Touch Art booth was also set up at the atrium by Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) which showcased the various handicraft items such as bookmarks, greeting cards, mousepads, canvas printings, done by their visually impaired clients. We would like to thank all shoppers who supported the sales and those who have donated generously to SAVH!

On 5 & 6 December, KAYNA, a 6-piece Ecuadorian band hyped up the festive mood in the mall with a repertoire of Andean world and contemporary music.

This Christmas, shoppers got a chance to walk away with exclusive Compass One premiums or vouchers at Level 2 Atrium, as they ‘fished’ for lollipops or tried to throw the ball into one of the cups to see how much Compass One vouchers they can win.

During the weekends, shoppers also joined us in the DIY Craft Workshops to create their very own Christmas gift / ornament.

With all the rewards and fun activities going on, Christmas has definitely become brighter and sweeter this year!