“I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my loved ones, young and old” – Elliott Erwitt

Mid-Autumn, a festival to be celebrated with our loved ones, sharing mooncakes, playing with lanterns and appreciating the beauty of the full moon!

From 2 – 13 September, the level 2 atrium was covered with Mid-Autumn related activities such as a Mooncake Fair and game booths for shoppers to stand a chance to walk away with attractive prizes.

Snow skin or baked skin? Traditional flavours or unconventional flavours? With over 15 mooncake stalls, shoppers were spoiled for choices with the variety of mooncakes available to choose from in preparation for their reunion gathering.

Atrium activities were prepared for this festive occasion, with 2 game booths and mid-autumn related workshops for kids. The first game was a “Sure-win” game where shoppers had to pick a lantern and attached to the lantern was the name of prize they have won. Some of the prizes shoppers won were recycle bag, OSIM uSnooze neck pillow, LEGO sets, TOYOMI steamboat and more.

The other game booth was to pick a cup which will indicate the number of $5 Compass One voucher the shopper wins.

What is Mid-Autumn without lanterns? Kids got their hands dirty and let their imagination go wild when decorating their lanterns. They were so excited to hang the lanterns at home to show off their work of art.

Besides painting lanterns, kids were given the option to paint pomelo too. Did you see the display of pomelo that the management office staffs have done?

The baby crawling contest was back for another round from 30 August to 1 September. Babies between ages 7 months to 14 months participated in the race. Seeing the babies crawl to finish line and celebrate victory or getting distracted halfway through the race was such as adorable sight!